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Welcome to the brand new customer support form of the Electronic Handbooks Contact Center. The form facilitates seamless submission of inquiries with an intuitive role and inquiry driven workflow, and a Track Your Ticket search option where you can check the status of your support request.

o Restructured content and display
o Expanded nature of inquiry fields
o Intuitive user interface
o Clean layout and easy to use screens
o Logically grouped information
o Multiscreen format
o Help text for Screen Navigation
HRSA help Help with the form

Select the category that best describes your role and current purpose.

If you have a HRSA grant, please select ‘I currently have a grant’. If you are looking for new grant information, select ‘I am looking for a HRSA grant’.

For information about data.hrsa.gov (HRSA Data Warehouse), select 'I need help with data from data.hrsa.gov'. For any other inquiry, select ‘Other’ button.

To check the status of your request that is already submitted, click on ‘Track Existing Ticket Status’ and key in the case number.

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If you’d like to inquire about a ticket you previously submitted, please contact HRSA Electronic Handbooks Customer Support Center at 1-877-464-4772. Option 1. (TTY: 1-877-897-9910)